About Maxwell's

"What a blessing to see kids smile from ear to ear and know maybe they learned a little something about agriculture along the way – that's what makes it all worth while."

Darrell Maxwell and Larry Borger began farming this land together back in 1997.  The main crop through the years has been alfalfa with maybe a few acres of hay grazer included along the way.

Under the recommendation of Bill Johnson, previous owner of the property and long-time friend now deceased, Darrell and Larry decided in 2007 to plant a 5-acre pumpkin patch.  The project began with some highly sophisticated farming techniques that included driving a 1992 Chevy Pickup back and forth across the field so they could use the tire tracks for row spacing.  Then, they had to convince some of Darrell’s grandsons how fun it was to plant pumpkins.  They were each given a coffee can full of seeds, told to walk 5 paces along the tire tracks, dig their heel in the dirt, drop a seed in, and kick dirt in the hole to cover it up.  Back and forth they went until the 5 acres was planted and ready for water.

They must have done something right because, before they knew it, they had pumpkin plants (and weeds) coming up everywhere.  With a little advertising and a small canopy, their pumpkin patch was open for business.  They were amazed how many families came out and how much fun they had picking their own pumpkins right out of the field.  It didn’t even seem to matter if it was muddy – they just stomped right out in the field anyway to find their perfect pumpkin.  And, of course, most kids had to go find the “biggest one” all the way across the field.

Since then, they have networked with other farmers all across the country involved in the agri-tainment business to build and develop what is now Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm.  “We hope to create a fun and educational experience that families can enjoy together and create memories for a lifetime.”

Darrell and Larry are so thankful for their families that have given so much time and effort in helping get Maxwell’s up and running.  Without their kids, grandkids, and in-laws, the pumpkin farm would probably still be just a 5-acre pumpkin patch.

“We truly appreciate all the kind words from our friends and guests, and hope to continue providing wholesome country fun and a unique experience at the farm for families to share together year after year.  We look forward to seeing your family at our farm very soon!!” 

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